"Downtime" is often a misnomer, particularly when it spawns the opportunity to make up new stuff!  Here are a few of the personal projects that evolved from such rampant ruminations.

Novella & screenplay adaptation

This is a contemporary drama, with an air of mystery.  In the dead of night, through pouring rain, a mysterious man moves into a 5-house suburban cul-de-sac.  His neighbors have little use for one another, let alone the newcomer.

One week later, he leaves as quietly as he came, having dramatically changed the lives of all he met...while getting everything he wanted from them!

Screenplay adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's 19th Century novel, RUTH.

In 1840s England, an innocent and beautiful young woman is wooed; seduced; abandoned; and to protect her child, hides his illegitimacy.  When her secret is discovered, she fights to overcome social rejection.

Screenplay/Stage musical
Christmas Musical Comedy

In the early 1900s, a street urchin with a hot jazz horn charms ragtime New York City.  Now if he can just get out of jail in time for his Christmas Eve concert!

Concept art by Tim Holtrop

Animated science-adventure series created in conjunction with Philip Gittleman Productions, Inc.

Four dedicated Intergalactic Health Rangers from the Planet Hippocratia encounter exciting and unpredictable adventures while visiting Earth to study human anatomy and improve the health of earthlings.
© 2005 Children's Health Enterprise


These fanciful outings include books featuring bees, brass and buoyant behaviors to delight preschoolers and early readers.