Few things bring preschool children together with family members, teachers or caregivers better than a book.  Young minds delight in a new adventure, or join the reader in favorite phrases, long before they actually recognize the words on the page.  That scenario always prompts me to smile, while providing ample motivation to craft an engaging tale.  However, particularly critical in the realm of picture books, one can't ignore the considerable contribution of exciting images by illustrators and photographers.

Writing for Barney & Friends, I had the privilege of covering every topic from A to Z.  And that's not just the alphabet book!  I enjoyed writing 27 books for the happy, purple dinosaur.

BOZ, the Green Bear Next Door, treats the neighbor Baxter family and preschoolers to a variety of playful adventures and lessons.  I've written 10 books for BOZ.
 My writing assignments for Shobu, the Duel Master, required translating television into theater-of-the-mind.  I adapted eight Duel Masters episodes from the Cartoon Channel's animated adventure series into four chapter books for grade school children.  I also wrote an original Duel Masters picture book targeting early readers.
With pals like Beatrice Raccoon and Leopold Bear, you'd smile too.  The Gifts of Christmas, features St. Francis of Assisi and his animal friends.  The picture book was adapted from a script of the same name, which I wrote for the Francesco's Friendly World animated videos.