It's fun to map a story with a screenplay.  However, writers realize that their tale reaches its final destination through the interpretation of that map by producers, directors, actors, crew and editors!

Writing for Wishbone was a joy.  The excitement of introducing grade schoolers to classic literature was only tempered by the challenge of condensing the novels into 15 minutes of air time.  The other half of each script required writers to conceive and weave a contemporary analogy to the book throughout the episode.  But writing for an older audience allowed more freedom for comedic wordplay.  I wrote five Wishbone PBS episodes, one of which was also released as a home video.

BOZ, the Green Bear Next Door, is an animated character delighting toddlers.  The stories entertain and educate preschoolers with playful life lessons, while stressing faith-based family values.  I've written three BOZ home videos.

I was also fortunate to write three animated home videos under the banner of Francesco's Friendly World.  The stories follow the adventures and high jinks of St. Francis of Assisi and his animal friends, as they rebuild the Church of San Damiano.  For the videos' musical elements, I contributed lyrics for 24 songs.

Writing for preschool children requires focus to keep stories, lessons, accompanying dialog and lyrics developmentally appropriate to the young viewers.  I contributed 46 PBS episodes and 15 home videos for Barney & Friends.  Following the first season, writer extraordinaire and valued friend, Steve White, and I were nominated for an Emmy in the category of Writer - Children's Series.  Perhaps our limousine dying on the L.A. Freeway exit ramp en route to the awards portended our loss to the late, great Shari Lewis!